Thursday, April 1, 2010


It's Friday again. Alhamdulillah. Ya Nabi Salam 'alaik. In this beautiful Friday , i would like to share what i read about the modesty. The true meaning of modesty. It was not define by words by our beloved Prophet Muhammad but by his act. I took this from the book " From The Stage To The Prayer Mat " , written by Rabia Christine Brodbeck .

~~Modesty ~~
Nothing touches our hearts more profoundly than our blessed Prophet's exemplary humbleness! It is the inner treasury of pure modesty which makes all followers shedding tears of love , admiration, bewilderment.
God gave him all divine wisdom but very often , he simply prayed to his Lord :
God, give me more knowledge.
He was an unlettered Prophet but all people learned from him. He slept on a mattress of straw, but he was the prince of the universe. He put himself in rows with ordinary people , but he carried all the wealth of his Lord in his breast. All creation praises on him but he called himself only God's servant. He reached the highest of the ascent, the indescribable 'nearer', the reunion with his Lord , and then descended to the lowest level of human evolution, to teach the perfection of Shariah, and he shared his life with the needy and poor. God wished to give him all of paradise but he wished only for his community.
During the battle of Uhud, his companions requested the Prophet to invoke God's curse on the enemy. Although his face was bleeding , he prayed for forgiveness :
Oh God , forgive my people for they do not know.
He is the praiseworthy, but he prayed countless nights to his Lord until his feet were swollen. God created him in the greatest purity , but every day he recited one hundred 'Astaghfirullah,' saying, ' I seek forgiveness from God.' In betweenevery recitation, he contemplated his nothingness and his baseness . As the seal and the chief among other Prophets, he simply said :
I am just the last brick, which finishes the wall.
He leads Humanity to God's light , but cleaned up his neighbour's dirt in front of his own door.He is the chief of all the Prophets , but his humility is infinite.
God named him as His beloved , but he insisted on the company of the needy and the poor.
His slavehood was without measure , but God exalted his name beside His Own.He is the reason for creation, but attributed nothing to himself.He was the supreme head , the chief of the Imams. but he worked as an ordinary man.
How can our blessed Prophet not be the master in conquering all of our hearts? Our blessed master's home is in the heart of every truthful believer.
p/s : salawat & salam upon prophet Muhammad Rasulullah.

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