Wednesday, October 29, 2014


Waking up for Fajr,
The brain keeps displaying thoughts on the chocolate, 
Seems like it will not stop, 
The heart bowl is occupied with a batter of feelings of remembering the chocolate, 
Happy, excited but tied with guilt. 

Dear nafs, 
Stop , stop, 
This remembrance is not good for you. 

Dear nafs, 
Take a rest, 
This obsession will just bring you damage.

When you're given some, you wanted more, 
When you have more, you wanted even more, 
Get a grip, take a stand 
If not ,this will not end.

Remember Allah instead, Remember Rasulullah instead, remember Jannah instead.
It is our true goal. 
Be possessive, be aggressive, be obsessive to achieve it. 

No Matter

What wrong is wrong, no matter how much you love it.

Sometimes we are carried away by the feeling of love in our heart. We try to fulfill the goal of our own feeling which normally involves the effort to get closer and closer to the one that we love. In some instance, we even cross the border of norms that an ethical person would do.

The act of crossing the borders of norms brings damage to ourselves , sooner or later. We are the person that will be left with a lot of lost. We collect sins, we waste our precious time, we don't get what can benefit us and help us grow as a better person and most importantly, we are deviating from the path that Allah please with.

May Allah help us upon this matter. This is some sort of test of dunya. We are lucky if we get disappointed by the one we love the most as it is the signal from Allah for us to get back to the right track again.
Therefore, get rid of all false attachments. Love only for the sake of Allah and love Him on top of everything. InsyaALLAH.


Saturday, October 25, 2014

Jangan Kagumi Aku

Jangan kagumi aku,
Kebaikan yang ada padaku,
Adalah dari Tuhanmu dan Tuhanku yang Satu,
Syukur itu lebih perlu.

Andai terlihat olehmu akan kebaikanku,
simpanlah di dalam hatimu ,
simpanlah di dalam mindamu,
jangan diucap pujian dari bibirmu,
melainkan untuk Dia yang menciptaku.

Jika nanti aku lelah dalam jalan ini,
langkahku seakan terhenti,
Saat itu nyatakanlah kebaikanku,
agar ia menjadi sumber kesyukuranku
pada Allah yang mengurniakan padaku setiap sesuatu.