Friday, June 25, 2010


I will be going to national service tomorrow. The camp is not to far.Just about 30-60 min from home.ngeh!! I cant really describe my feeling..

I did the shopping just now with my aunt (whom i called Abu Yah) since my parents were back in the village, kampung Saai for urgent matter. Last night ,my mak come knocking on my room door at 2 a.m. saying that my grandfather from my father side was sick. It was a 2nd stroke, from the previous CT scan of the first one, the physician confirmed that there was a blood clot in his head.

So, my mak , apak & k.Tam headed back to Saai on 7 a.m in the morning. Im quite upset for that reason I guess. I need to go to the PLKN tomorrow .. ergh! I wish to join them visiting my Apak Cikgu. yup..Apak Cikgu.That's what us, his grandchildren called him because he was a teacher back in his time.

His real name is Mohamed Faiz bin Jamaluddin. I think his name is quite modern for his time. When I asked my apak , he said that the name was in the holy Quran.I get to know the meaning from my friend (her name is faizah) and it means success. Well , I dont really have much memory with him because we did not live together. I only get to see him during the holiday (which I rarely have). But one significant memory remains is the sugared watermelon.erm.. to better explain this , I will write in Bahasa Melayu.

Biasanya kalau kita potong buah tembikai , akan still ada sedikit isi yang tertinggal dekat kulit dia tu. So , apa yang Apak Cikgu Buat ialah dia korek-korek-korek isi2 yang ada tu masukkan dalam mangkuk. Then tambahkan sedikit gula dan makan.. nyaman!! kamek suka.I love it very much.And I think my siblings love it too..

erm... I am so........ I don't know..Actually , my family and I have planned spend our weekend at kmpung Saai, to visit our grandparents because k.Tam will be going back to Penang next week. Unfortunately, the PLKN letter arrived and the registration day is also tomorrow. ergh!! So my parent cancel the plan because they want to send me over to the camp. Pity my parent, they are caught in the middle. Tomorrow , they will be going back to my house in the morning and will sent me off in the afternoon. Luckily the registration open from 9-5 p.m . thank you JLKN.But still I wish I have the opportunity to visit him. Can't stand another departure without me seeing the person.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

U can run U can hide but U cant escape ..ngeh!!

" kak N ! kak N! " Apan menibah ko kemen ibak . Ko ngah amau ubeng dun agik pelik game.. " Nuan pos mo eh" .. ko pun kibak... maloi posmen... surat men gan mak senged ko.. deng ko bias dun ,JABATAN LATIHAN KHIDMAT NEGARA,, huhu... NGEH!!!!! senged ko dah mibey agik to menibah ko nin.. agik nuan padu.. xknah burau.. haha..

baca ko nin.. start 19 jun labik 2 september.. tp lapor diri 26 jun.. pelik x? ngah junaco park.. hehe.. erm.. blabah gak aseng bak maloi.. dup dap dup dap buyak utek ko xngah prepare.. adoi2.. hehe.. xnyadin bak join kelas aerobik ngah kak ejut..

saji ko nabes ubeng eh.. hehe.. kubah mak gaya.. adoi2... ko harap everything ok...
owh... kubah gaya ko kenag Khidmat Negara eh? erm... wak ateng dun .. bas SPM sabe .. ko buyak pilik.. tp ko tangguh buyak bak tegun matrik.. hoho...

erm... wakno2 pun ko berdoa.. medan mak jiak julik.. hohoho.. buken tan aseng.... periweng ubak to daneh sabey... hhahaha..=p

Friday, June 11, 2010

Brand New!!

Hello Friends!! Ngeh!!! BRaND NEW???? Hehe.. Straight to the point... I got my Brand New Teeth..yup . My teeth... my 2 upper incisor teeth in specific.. Well it’s been a while since the last update... there will be a lot of missing information. In summary, I involved in an accident on the last day I’m in Kelantan .What an accident. phewh!!

It happened in the morning of 21st May , where my flight to KL is scheduled that night. I borrowed Ashraf (scooter) from Sarah and went to my cousin’s house, just to say goodbye to them before I leave Kelantan. Ngeh! I arrived safely at their home but nobody is at home. So I decided to round2 around the area. Ashraf and I went around the ‘pekan’ nearby. Unfortunately, I didn’t see a lubang on the road and there I go... dush... superman on the road... Kissing the tar.. Ergh... I get up quickly .. The only thing on my mind at that moment was “aduh... habislah kenak marah mak lekak tok”’.

And there was a teenager helped me up with the scooter. We went to his shop just about 30 metre from the crime scene.( It is a crime scene.. the lubang is the suspect and I am the victim.. Ngeh!! Don’t blame the lubang.. ok) I asked for another teenager to get me a selotape and tissue to clean and cover cut on my palm. My left palm and my mouth were full of blood. My chin and right knee were bruised and scretched.Not serious , but still cause me pain..huhu.. Recovery process took approximately 2 weeks..

I laughed as I saw myself in the mirror... A tooth was broken into half diagonally , changing the shape of the teeth from rectangle to triangle... Can U imagine how it is like?? Hehe.. the other tooth is also the same but with less severity. They looked like a Shark teeth nokkss.... Tajam seyh~~ Huhu.. Luckily there were fixed last Wednesday. Just nice but my smile now is different. It feels like fake teeth. I’m kind of losing the regular muscle coordination of my smile.So I have to practice another way of smiling.

Alhamdulillah, nothing worse happened to me. I learned my lesson which is not to ride a motorcycle if u don’t have a license and be extra careful on the road. The other day , after 2 weeks of the accident in Kelantan , the family car was hit from behind by a truck. We were on the way to Kuching and stopped at the traffic light when suddenly we heard smashing glasses. The momentum of the collision moved our car forward. My sister and I were at the back seat and Alhamdulillah.. non of us were injured. 2 accidents within 2 weeks period... Ngeh! Gotta be kidding. Huhu.. Please be careful on road k. We can have a brand new bones, hands, teeth but believe me, it is not as good as the original one. Plus, not everything is replacable.

p/s: Ergh... A part of me is still in KELANTAN and i know it will be long... (because teeth takes a long time to decay..) Now I mean it literally