Monday, March 29, 2010


huhu.... It's been a while since my last post.hek3.. My so called "Hectic life" just does'nt allow me to update my page... Miss me?? I hope no.. =D

My Current LIFE Status:
- missing my family very very much..
( I search for flight ticket KL-Sibu just now.. just trying my luck with hope that there is a ticket with a considerable price. NaAAaaaa ... in my dream... ingat tiket bas ka minachi??? ngeh3)

- struggling happily wih my beloved friends to finish up our final year project where the deadline is within one week time.. =D Chaiyo my fellow not sure whether i can finish it in time but i try.. yeah!!!!~~

- A part of me is unhappy with something. I my self am happy.. but sometimes my heart just toO fragile that it gets upset with no reason.It's okay.. ALLAH is always there.. =D Thank You ALLAH.

- missing someone.... unknown person.. just missing that person.. haha.. I think it is funny to miss someone that u have'nt even met. ngeh3... whatever.. ~~

Tomorrow and the day after tomorrow are public holiday for Kelantan State.It's Sultan's Birthday. May ALLAH bless him.=D.. Herm.. and tonight it is raining. Some of my friends are going back to their home. To be together with their beloved persons. Happy for them. I wish I can go back toO but the South China Sea is just toO wide.. And nothing that I can do about that.

I miss my family , my home , my love. This deep feeling that some people does'nt have the opportunity to feel it. The feelings that I keep it at the very bottom layer of my heart. I wont let it shows. But tonight , it is different. Maybe because of the rain... yeah.. maybe... maybe...

"O ALLAH.... strengthen my heart and Onto You I put my hope.amin."


  1. cayok cayok kak n!!!!
    u can do it!!

  2. hi ain!hehe nisa tok.kmk bookmark blog ktk k?

    aok eh,update2 la slalu.cute bh posts2 ktk.eheh :)

  3. waaa nisa!!!!! hahaa... TQvM =D.. insyaALLAH akan di update selalu. ktk take care k.. jauh nun di sana ..