Friday, January 22, 2010

up up up in the sky

di mana kau yang ku rindu di mana kau ingin ku temu.. erm.. lagu apa tok owh??? sik ingat mek penyanyinya... farah ashikin kali..

adoi... sakit belakang.. mimpi handle wedding someone sampai sakt blakang.. aduh.. plus sakit perut.... takkan makan dalam mimpi pun ley sakit perut..

aina will be going back to utp today..her holiday is so long. huhuhuu...people were asking me .. am I going back to house this chinese new year.. i wish to but i dont think the airlines company will offer special price. ya lah .. dah dekat ngan CNY.. makin laah mok up harga for those who doesnt book the ticket early... up up up in the sky =(

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