Monday, March 1, 2010

my home

im walking in the jungle
passing through the trees
in my way back to a place i called home
i cant really remember how my home looks like
i barely remember what it's made of
wood? brick? or biscuit like such in hanzel& gratel story?
what is the colour of the roof?
and what is the color of the wall?
no... i don't have a single idea..
journey back to my home is a gamble
will i find it again or am i gonna be another lost traveller?
will i have the chance to safely return to my home?
doubt in my heart
that i have to cut
my home...
a peaceful place..
that is the only thing i know..
the warm air and the calming atmosphere
a place i'm in search of
and i walk.... walk... and walk...
till the very last beat of my heart
hope to see my home at my very last sight

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