Wednesday, March 9, 2011

bila percaya itu ngga ada..

The worst stuff always come into the life of a person who don't trust himself.
Trusting yourself is a very important key to a happy life. Believe it or not. Below are some of the price that u have to pay if you did not trust yourself.(blaassaaah je pakai... )

  • Hard to express yourself as u're not confident with your own expression. This may lead to supressed emotions.wah.wah... haa... masa tu mula lah memendam perasaan segala bagai... blues sana sini kan... haaa... tu laah..
  • You don't get what you want. In fact, you don't even know what you want. This is a sad. To make it more sad , you don't even get what you need. (yang rasa nak nangis je.. jgn nangis.. hehe...=p ) ye laah...benda keperluan k..
  • Easy to be manipulated. bak kata orang kita, senang nak diambil kesempatan. yelah.. sebab you don't trust yourself to control yourself, apa lagi.. kena jajah laa.. macam zaman dulu2.
  • Communication breakdown.

Ok.. actually , there is a lot more (negative) points about this matter. But , I dont want to continue writing about it.I'm afraid that I will loose my self-trust. (ngeeee..self trust diperlukan di situ.. hehe.. ) As a conclusion here, trust yourself. =)

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