Saturday, February 6, 2010

It's a GOAALL!!!! .. yeah.. it's a goal... nice view as i walked back from my art practice by the field.. hek3.(drawing , coloring and sketching). herm.. Apparently , there are things in our lifes that are better in imagination.The things that is just feel nice in our imagination.. ..

not sure if u agree with me.. but in my life, there are 2 things that make me feel that way.. haha.. first is drawing.. hik3.. this skill is really hard for me to master... i always impressed by good drawings and i am impressed with people who can draw well.. herm.. i guess my drawing skill is equivalent to a preschoolar child's skill.... memang out lansung.. sapa yang dapat teka my drawing is a real genius..i remembered one time in Geography assignment when i was in form 3.. I don't know why a teacher drew a picture of a prawn in my scrapbook.. haha.. apa tok ? udang? hahahaha...

k.. the second one is dancing... SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE???? my answer will be a NO NO... haha.. dancing is beautiful art.. there are stories inside the dance.. each movement narrates.. telling stories to the audience,communicating the message to the crowd.. beautiful beautiful.. but yet it is not for me.. i feel really bercelaru when asked to dance.. tangan macam ni.. kaki macam ni.. pusing 5 kali.. atas bawah.. hoih... mencabar otak gue nii... ahah.. i have tried once to join dancing class.. a Belly Dance class.. hahaha... memang merepek..

erm.. haha.. Dance and Drawing.. i guess there are just not for me.. not that i gave up on trying.. but there are something in our life is for us to enjoy as a viewer.. erm.. ada benda we good at...ada benda we tak good at (what phrase.. kena saman ngan cikgu BM aku ni kang haha) .. so kekurangan kita .. kelebihan kita ..kelebihan orang lain kekurangan orang lain.. semua ini wujud supaya kita saling menghormati.. semua kelebihan kita , kita guna untuk bantu mana2 yang kurang kat orang lain.. insyaAllah.. Afterall .. semuanya datang dari ALLAH.Pinjaman buat hamba.. juga ujian buat hambaNYA. =)

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