Saturday, December 4, 2010

My English..

Dear friends. I'm currently working on my English. I think my English is really poor. I don't have enough confident and courage to speak and write in the language.Plus, I always run out of words.I have a limited vocab. When I want to write.. it stuck stuck gitu... ahaha.. hoho.. some says , thinking in English will help. What says you?? hehe.. So , what I want to do now is to express my thought by writing in English. Let's try this out. I'll write in English for my next entries. If you notice any error , please do correct me by leaving a comment.Thank you very much. Your kind guidance is highly appreciated. =)

p/s : can i make it??? hehe.. bolehlah eh campur2 dulu.. at least we try kan?


  1. Me too. I'm bad in english so I polish it by writing. :)

  2. i'm in. haha okay.

    i. confident is an adjective. in that sentence you should've used confidence, which is a noun.

    ii. what say you, not says.


  3. Huda: It's nice to know you did the same too. I'm not alone.Let's improve!! =)
    bro:waaaah!!!!You're the first one..Thanx for your support!!! =)