Monday, December 6, 2010

1432H I love you 2.. (bro lam , pinjam haa... )

It's raining outside. Not too heavy at first but getting heavier as time passes by. (balun!! ) Pity Kak Nurul , she just got back from work riding her bike and yes, she's all wet. Ooo' tedah.(this is Sarawak Malay / Melanau way of saying 'pity her').

Herm .. Rain rain Rain rain Rain... I like rain and Rain. Both has a soothing effect on me.. ahaha.. =p hey!! look.. the word 'rain' has my name in it .. rAIN.. see that??!! ooo mak... excited I dibuatnya... auww... erm.. next time I will try to make this happen when someone asked my name..
"What's your name? Nur Ain.. or you can just call me .... rAIN.." or I can exactly says the line from Clear commercial "Nama saya rAIN" dengan penuh bergaya sekali.. Ah... tentu poyo skali ketika itu..haha... I guess this heart will automatically send a signal to my brain saying.. "Ain , dilarang poyo!!" hik3. =p

Erm... Rain brings various meanings to people. Rain can be a symbol of sadness for a person and symbol of calmness for another. Some relates it with loneliness and some others relate it with happiness , coolness , and cheerfulness. And some even afraid of rain.. Ombrophobia refers to fear of rain. I just came across that a moment ago. huhu.. mungkinkah kambing2 yang dikatakan takut akan hujan itu ombrophobic?? oh2... maybe2... hehe.

Hujan itu rahmat.. Rain is a bless. Common phrase among us Muslim. yes.. It is writen in the Quran.. There are at least four ayat which mentioned about rain. ( al-'Araf ;57 ,al-Qamar;11 , al-Mukminun;18,al-Hijr,22) . Rain is source of water supply .Water is a basic need of any organism. We , human can't ever deny the importance of water.Can't imagine life without water. Can we survive?huhu... air kotor pun kita da kempelen.. kemarau sikit pun kita dah rasa macam nak out kat situ jugak... Puasa pun kita rasa umpama diri ini lalang kering di padang yang tandus .. ke aku sorang je yang rasa cenggitu??

Oh.. The rain just stopped. hehe.. I guess I will stop here as well. ngeh... I didn't expect to write about rain this evening. Today is a new year in Islamic calendar. And this evening, the rain pours down as if celebrating and welcoming the new year. 1432 Hijrah. Like my k.tam says, I love you 2. The year of I love You 2.

Yes.. let's take this as a theme for this year and maybe for our lifetime.amacam??? Allah has been Very Merciful. He loves us all these while despite of all the sins and mistakes we have done.In every breath we take , every single thing that happened to us , around us , with us ; when we listen carefully,we can actually hear whisper by whisper ."I love you" He whispers.. again and again " I love you ". The whispers that do not need normal hearing to be heard. Allah is Very Fair.He whispers "I love you" and every one can hear the whispers , even people with a profound hearing loss.He can hear it if he carefully listens to it. Not using his two ears,but his using his heart. =) And let's us together return the whispers through our heart, words and actions.

O ALLAH , I love you 2 . You're The Best!!!
Subhanallah Alhamdulillah Allahuakhbar
Salam Maal Hijrah
- 23:25 1 muharram 1432H-

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