Saturday, December 4, 2010

i want to understand..=)

My current life status;

I set my feet in Kuantan a month ago.
Got my first job at International Islamic University Malaysia Kuantan Campus.Alhamdulillah.
I work as an assistant lecturer in Department of Audiology and Speeh Language Pathology.
I spend most of my time in Indera Mahkota Campus(IMC) where the academic buildings are located.
There are also days that require me to meet patients and discuss about cases. For those purposes , I will have to go to Jalan Hospital Campus (JHC) where the IIUM Hearing and Speech is located.

Erm... so far , I am starting to love my job. Yeah.. I admit it , being a student is more fun. But life changes.we must blend in with the changes. I'm no longer a student but I will continue learning. =)

about my house :
I live with my 4 other housemates. Two of them (Kak Rai and Kak Payen) are my seniors back in USM. The other two are Kak Jihah & Kak Nurul. I have cool housemates and the neighbourhood so far looks safe. I am thankful for that. Alhamdulillah.

=) that's all.. I sound a bit formal in my writing, don't I? A friend told me , the way I speak is a bit formal as well... huhuhu.. skema kah aku??? keh3.. ikutlaaa...~~~~


  1. i. spend instead of spent
    ii. those purposeS. plural, so add an S
    iii. being instead of becoming
    iv. the other two are, not is.

  2. noted..arigato sensei!
    soalan .. become is future thing.Being is past, already be. isn't it?

  3. become is present tense
    became is its past tense

    hahaha honestly i can't remember them anymore.
    you might wanna check this out