Monday, September 27, 2010

do u want to know about ISLAM ??

Do i have the courage to knock on someone's door.. someone I did'nt know, in some place that is not familiar to me and asking above question??? huhu.. I'm not sure. Yesterday , a lady, about 30 ++ came to my house asking am i a Muslim? I answered ''Yes'' and she asked where is the Christian housing in my village. So I tell her ,the left part of the village from the main entrance is all Christian. Then she asked me a question "do you want to know about Christian?"
I quickly answered "No , I'm a Muslim". It is just a quick response. And then she went away.

After a while , I realized , by saying No , it's not only her that loose the chance to talk about the religion , I'm also the one that have loose the chance to talk to her about Islam. We loose the chance to discuss about both religion. I still have that typical mind. I am afraid of "tergugat aqidah" .. this is something very common. Why should we afraid of those things if we are the believer, mukminin..? erm~~~~

I am impressed by this lady courage and braveness (ada ka perkataan tok?) . To stand for what she believe , putting effort even though she was lost. Oh.. forgot to tell you guys in the first part that she was about to go to other place when she took the wrong bus and end up in my village. She did'nt give up. Still go on with her plan , to share the knowledge on what she believe.Something , we muslims should think about...

4 characters --> amanah , tabligh , sidq & fatanah...


  1. yup... perhaps... huhu.. pelikkan?? kenapa kita takut sedangkan kita percaya benda yang betul?

  2. kene practice ni ain,,,,next time klu dpt peluang lg blh perbaiki keadaan...bila awk de niat ingin bertemu kembali dgn keadaan masa tu,,,berdoa...smg ain menuju setapak,,,dan setapak,,,dan setapak ke alam dakwah
    maju setapak :)

  3. waaaah.... hehehe.... baik sulong.. ngeeeee=p