Wednesday, December 16, 2009


walalalala... ok.. Im back!! Kelantan darul Naim.. herm.. The semester is not yet started but I come back here two weeks earlier to accomplish my unfinished work... My final year project. hoho... I really enjoyed my holiday . Before the holiday started the other day , I set up my mind that I will not do any of my academic activity at home.I want to spend my whole time with my family and me, doing the house chores.. lala... I like it . =)

these are some of the things i did..

1. laundry
2. cooking
3. tutoring Mr. apan.. he will be sitting for his SPM next year..
4. Watching Friends series with Urul
5. Learn on how to bake Kek Lapis Sarawak from Mak
6. Gardening ??
7. going on trip with my family - balik kampung saai , sarikei ,
8. Attending Seminar on Protecting Children in Cyberspace.

Nothing sounds interesting but everything is.. lalala... i really love to be with my family member... My mak and abu yah always cook special dishes when we (Apan, Urul, kak Tam) are at home because we are rarely there. Everyone of us are far apart from our house and of each other. Kak Tam is in UUM , Kedah , Urul is in UTP Perak , Me in USM Kelantan and the youngest , Apan is in MRSM Betong. We just have the chance to get to see each other during holiday. So our two beloved chef will cook extra delicious foods.nyum2..I can say that our favourite menu are laksa sarawak and chicken soup(my choice).Yummy... Plus Anjang Ara's ( my aunt) home-made doughnut. It is usually pronounced as Dolnat among elderly.hehe.. laughing with Urul about it. that's it.. dolnat.

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