Friday, October 9, 2009


I just come back from playground in desasiswa murni.. Tun, Dayah and I decided to go for some workout… 12 o’cloc in the midnight.. wuhuhuhuu…. Its quite tiring even though I just walk and do a set of star jump .. Maybe because of my size.. hik3…

While sitting and have a good time bersusei with my friends at the playground , something is flashing on my mind..Some sort of childhood memory that make me smile. It was back in the 90’s… I can’t clearly remember but it happens in when I was in primary school. During that time, I still share my bedroom with my elder brother K.Tam and my lil sister , Adik Urul…

I don’t know why , all of us just love to draw…We draw everywhere and everywhere means on the bedroom wall… It was like a giant white paper that u can draw anything on it. At first I was reluctant to do so… but as I saw my sister and brother were so creative and artistic and nothing bad had happen, so I said to myself “Why don’t you try”. So we draw happily with crayon and marker. And I still remember one of the most cool design at that time is Superman’s symbol and someone wrote “Tuti love Umi”.(haha… this one is the most unforgettable design and till now I questioned why on earth is this someone wrote this.) Yeah… It was really fun for kid of our age….. It was our first masterpiece.

But people says beautiful moment won’t last forever.One night , my Mak stand by the door.. I was not sure why she was so kind that night that she wanted to wish us good night. That is quite rare for her to do so. The light was off and the three of us was lying on our bed. I am not sure whether both of my partner in crime feels gelabah or not but I was.I pray in my heart “ medan mak mak me tao (hopefully she will not know)”. She says “selamat malam” and as she closed the door. Fuh… selamat…… No No No… it is not a happy ending story…Mak reopened the door and swithed on the light… Jeng Jeng Jeng…. She discovered our masterpiece!! Oh me Oh my Oh Oh Oh…..

“Wakno eh?? Majeh besuteng julik.. Sai menak eh??!!!”? She raised up her voice… real contrary to the warm loving voice that says good night earlier..haha… At that time , I believe that we were all nervous and frightened.. No one of us admit it.. but my mak knew all of us were involved.. She always knew everything... She asked all of us to go to the living room and queue up in front of her. Punishment Time!!!

My Mak was angry at that time. She sat on the floor with crayon beside her. Nagging and nagging.We were going to be punished. What will she do?? Herm… well what she did was she called us one by one. K.Tam , the leader of the group was the first one.She asked K.Tam to lie down with his head on her lap. Then, with the crayon we used to draw on the wall, she drew on our face. K.Tam got misai kucing on his face… Adik Urul and I got other design. As my mak drew design on our face , she advice us not to do those thing again. We end up laughing looking at each other face.Then Mak asked us too wash our face and go to sleep.. haha.

When I think back, it is the most funny punishment I have ever received. Hahaha…Makes me miss my home more and more… The consequences of the incident was.. we have our room painted. Yellow this time.. hehe..
*Tuti and Umi were the the hosts of one of the kid’s TV show .. cant remember the title well.

*“Wakno eh?? Majeh besuteng julik.. Sai menak eh??!!!”? -à Apa ni?? Habis semua berconteng.??!!sapa buat ni???


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