Wednesday, October 29, 2014


Waking up for Fajr,
The brain keeps displaying thoughts on the chocolate, 
Seems like it will not stop, 
The heart bowl is occupied with a batter of feelings of remembering the chocolate, 
Happy, excited but tied with guilt. 

Dear nafs, 
Stop , stop, 
This remembrance is not good for you. 

Dear nafs, 
Take a rest, 
This obsession will just bring you damage.

When you're given some, you wanted more, 
When you have more, you wanted even more, 
Get a grip, take a stand 
If not ,this will not end.

Remember Allah instead, Remember Rasulullah instead, remember Jannah instead.
It is our true goal. 
Be possessive, be aggressive, be obsessive to achieve it. 

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